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Good Night Broadcasting Pioneer Sonny Eliot

Imagine working well into your 80s doing what you love to do.

That’s what broadcasting pioneer Sonny Eliot did at WWJ-AM

He is of the generation of America who saw it all. He was a prisoner of war by the nazis in World War Two. He lived in a time when Detroit was the greatest industrial city in the world before it became destroyed by the very people who promise one thing yet do another.

Sonny may have been in Detroit, but his influence on broadcasting was indeed national. It was great to see his style. Why he stayed in Detroit is no doubt his own decision. And what better way to live than to live where and how we want to.

Detroit used to be a center of national radio broadcasting.

Detroit used to be a lot of things.

If you want to see how the “gimme-gimme” people can tear down prosperity, just take a look at Detroit … or ask Hostess Brands this week.

But I digress ~

I believe Sonny Eliot represents how a free and prosperous nation can give birth to someone like Sonny Eliot. Prosperity (that comes from the hard work of a free people devoid of parasites) brings convenience from need. Sonny represented that. Why just have a bland, factual weather report when it can be fun.

Why do anything without fun?

Sonny Eliot passed at 92. A long life full of antics and getting known as the original wacky weatherman.

He was also an early voice actor.

When I was a kid – and I mean A KID in the 60s – we would envy living in a place like Detroit. All that American Capitalism going on – all the prosperity with being the center of industry and that spawning all the other great things about America … Music from Motown … easy to find a good job and a young guy … all the latest conveniences and fun. How quickly the lowest common denominators in our world can turn something wonderful into something else …

A short tribute on his 50th anniversary in broadcasting (made in 1997) –

Speaking of Detroit when was the place to be … The Car Capitol … Motown … Music …

From 1961 –

Having a daily dose of Sonny would have been great – all we had back then was our “Willie the Weatherman” who played his “Snapper organ” for interludes during the morning news like it was the Lawrence Welk Show or something … gimme Rock-n-Roll in the morning anytime !

Why is Detroit like it is today then ?!?

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