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There will always be those who drive the advancement of technological toy making by wanting to be the one who has the latest toy.

Nissan-LeafFolks these days believe the electric car is something new.

Electric cars and trucks have been with us since there were cars and trucks.

Yep – over 100 years !

What is new is being arrested for charging your car.

Especially in Georgia.

If you have a middle school kid who has tennis lessons after school and you find yourself waiting with a Nissan Leaf that could use a little juice …

crossing-guard… don’t plug your car into the school. Especially in Georgia.

This guy probably thought he was quite clever buying that car.

But now he suffers from a 21st century plague that is sweeping those who believe they are environmentally friendly when they are hurting the planet worse than if they had bought a V8 SUV –

handcuffedRANGE ANXIETY !!!

He plugs his car into the school while waiting for his son to finish his tennis lesson.

Apparently, the way the story goes, a cop strolls by and sees his extension cord from his car to a power outlet at the school.

A week later, the man is arrested at his home for stealing a nickel’s worth of electricity.

Yes – ARRESTED with all the accoutrements that consist of a criminal arrest. Like chaffed wrists …

What if some day every parent every day plugged their car into the school for a nickel’s worth of electricity ?

Nissan-Leaf_charge-portThey would be charged (*groan*) with a crime.

What if we plug in a cell phone to charge at work ?

Is that considered employee theft ?

What about this –

You take a napkin at a fast food restaurant or a couple of packs of ketchup.

You have a pack of ketchup and one napkin left over after eating. You take them with you. Did you just steal from the restaurant? Isn’t that better than throwing them away?

Ketchup-packetsNot the same?

What if you filled a drinking bottle with water from the school’s fountain ?

All that considered, without warning, that guy gets arrested for a nickel’s worth of electric power

While at the same time …

… there are people watching newly released movies streaming on the internet from web sites that are making money with click-ads and the movies are pirated copies.

The movie pirates cannot be touched because laws are still in the middle of legislation.

Nissan-Leaf-plug-inHopefully that will be corrected very soon.

But concerning the 21st century problem of range anxiety …

I can see in the not too distant future …

That the free market will come to the rescue.

Someone will start a business providing something similar to a parking meter where you can park you car to go shopping or while waiting to pick up your kid from tennis lessons.

You can drop in a coin and charge your car for a set length of time.

The place where the juice is flowing gets a few cents – the company who made the meters get a few cents and the car owner looses their range anxiety.

By the way –

Yes … electric cars were introduced along with early cars. It was before someone found a way to make an engine that could run on a waste by-product of refining oil – called gasoline – that was usually burned off or poured into the ground.


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