Happy Birthday Edward L Beach Jr

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Edward_L_BeachToday marks the birthday in 1918 of Edward L Beach Jr – A real American hero and significant member in the brotherhood of Submariners.

Edward_L_Beach_Jr_map_USS_TritonHe led a full and adventurous life with his career in the US Navy. His achievements would fill several books – which do fill several books. Good reading for those who love adventure.

Beach may be best known as the author of the exciting book “Run Silent, Run Deep” which was turned into a great movie of the same title in 1958.

However, the most fascinating story of his achievements to me was his circumnavigation of the world completely submerged with the USS Triton. This was subject to part of my feature documentary “Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service”.

Run_Silent_Run_Deep_1958_PosterBeach also served on the USS Trigger and then as the XO on the USS Tirante diesel submarine during WWII. He commanded the USS Piper toward the end of the war. He was also Naval Aide to President Eisenhower in the 1950s

His book on the subject of submarines is quite an exciting read for those who enjoy real life adventure.

The movie from 1958 is quite exciting and quite realistic even being “Hollywoodized” on screen.

I’m sure in real life the crew would have appeared more grungy – but they have to make actors like Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster glamorous. Even if they are sweaty and dipped in diesel fuel.

It is ironic that comedian Don Rickles made his screen debut in “Run Silent, Run Deep”

But the depictions of attack scenes are very accurate. One of my favorite directors, Robert Wise used real Submariners in making the movie.

It would be great to see more historically accurate movies made today.


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