Utopia Overnight

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some_quit_due_to_slow_progressNothing happens quickly.

You can’t have utopia in a single day …

Actually, there can never be Utopia – but that’s a subject all unto itself.

Mankind continually strives to create systems that defy reality and nature, only to ultimately fail.

Every five years the world of physics is turned upside down because a smaller particle of matter is discovered and the “strings in their theories” come unraveled

Square Peg Round HolesStill – they try to defy reality and nature –

And again, they fail – creating misery.

Then, there are those who work within reality and nature.

They find a degree of success.

Why is that ?

Because there are those who believe that there is an order to the universe.

rubber_band_pileDo not apply this simple wisdom in the wrong place. To defy a system that in itself defies order and nature is not defiance, it is avoiding the chaos created by defiance of natural order with wisdom.

In any system, relationship or machine there is a natural order at work. Even with the simplest machine ever created by mankind – the rubber band.

And how to we work within natural order ?

seed_to_plant_growthFirst, a seed must be planted in proper medium.

Then the growth must be cared for.

Then, the harvest comes in due time.

This is true with all systems. Whether it is growing crops, growing people, nations, business, buildings, relationships, etc ad infinitum …

Success is building upon achievement like carving steps in the face of a mountain.

Success is not a destination – rather a process.


A wing works with the wind …

… not against the wind.

A good machine or system works within itself to make a good effect outside of itself.

Defying the order in Creation results in falling – that may appear temporarily as flying, but you will still ultimately crash into the ground.

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