The 21st Century Parasites

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spam_manSpam …

Spammers …

How did a pack of parasitic, despicable, loathsome losers who attempt to promote their unwanted garbage on others’ money and works be equated by moniker to an edible meat product ?!?

Lately, there have been loads of idiots from France, Russia, China, India and the other usual suspect loser nations flooding web sites with their gunk.

This web site had become flodded in the last two weeks with idiotic, bad broken English postings.

Where do these idiots come from ?

They are paid for it …

… peanuts of course.

Before, unscrupulous spammers used clever code (“bots”) to scan and spam until smart system admins put in roadblocks to check for real humans.

spam_attackEnter the cheap one dollar an hour “spam labor” (as I call it) in countries like India and the like where Slumdog Millionaire wannabees sit all day and night and manually search for places to spread the crap provided to them by their Spam Lords

The sysadmins and web managers saw through this also – so now many of these scumbags act legitimate by posting friendly responses in hopes you will “approve” the message … thus opening the door for piles of excrement to be heaped onto your hard work.

They are no different than ticks and fleas

They suck the life out of people who actually do something good for others by providing goods and services.

spam_centerThey piggyback by posing as genuine visitors and steal resources from us.

How to combat it ?

Set all your sites for posts to be manually moderated. It’s really the only way.

Never just let people freely post onto your site(s) … hold it in cue to be looked at first and then approves to be posted.

Believe me – a little extra work goes a long way in combating these moronic parasites.

In the very least they try to get backlinks … even if a post only lasts a few hours until they get discovered and then deleted … it does count toward indexing for them … so beware.

spam-communist-center“Spam Labor” is the new sweat shop worker.

Do not support it !

Do not support anything to do with any product that utilizes communist labor or slumdog spam labor.

If you buy or click on anything produced by socialist / communist / suppressed people then YOU ARE KEEPING THEM SUPPRESSED AND ENSLAVED

Any citizen of a free nation who then utilizes a socialist/marxist/communist/slave nation to bring cheap goods into the market has no conscience and no soul. In doing so they insure evil continues.

spam_deceptionNever support the deceivers and spammers.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but that nice guy in Africa who is the grandson of some great poobah who needs you to help him transfer some money and will let you keep some for being such a good samaritan – he’s out to steal everything you have.

Don’t laugh … many fall for it.

Stupid people keep deceivers, spammers and criminals in business.


Some stuff to check out about spammers:

Washington Post article on “The Economics of Internet Spam”

Good info from EKU to combat spammers.


The good kind of spam …


A grilled slab of spam with a grilled pineapple ring on grilled bread is actually quite delicious.

I don’t think I’ve actually had any spam since 1972 …

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