HELP! The Movie Premiere in 1965

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Beatles_movie_poster_HelpIt was this day in 1965 that the second movie from
The Beatles was premiered.

Even the Queen attended the premiere !!!

After the ground breaking success of their first effort, the black and white pseudo-documentary “A Hard Day’s Night”, there needed to be a follow-up.

This time it would be in color … but they did not want to just make a color (or as they write it in the UK: colour) version of A Hard Day’s Night.

The movie “HELP!” was just as ground-breaking as their first movie. Yet it was a true narrative film.

It was still a wacky take-off of the types of stories popular at the time. Influenced, no doubt by the new sensational movies based on Ian Flemming’s James Bond.

Poor Ringo. He almost lost a finger !

Below is a silent reel of “home movies” made during the making of “HELP!”

Even more (ad nauseum yet interesting) “home movies” of behind the scenes while making “HELP!”

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