Chill out Chicken Little – it’s only the Perseids !

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Nope – the sky is not falling … Well, yes it is. It’s time for the Perseids !!!

2009_Perseid_meteor_and_Milky_Way_-_CC-ATTRIB_Brocken_InagloryFor those who have never experienced this, it is a time when we pass through the debris left by the comet Swift-Tuttle.

They are falling right now – but they peak out this weekend.

Unfortunately, the best viewing is the Northeast USA … and they will not be able to see anything due to the lights thrown out by the cities.

Still, at 70 meteors an hour it should be fun for a lot of folks.


It will be best Sunday night after midnight until dawn on Monday.

It is quite a light show some years. It may be pretty good this year.

You only need your own eyes. You just look up into the sky.

If you can get into a wide, open field with a blanket and pillow it will be a lot more comfortable.

It’s hard on the neck to stand looking up for a long period of time. So lay down and get comfortable.


mel_torme_auto_picmel_torme_1950s_albumAlso –

What is up with the …

“official” Mel Torme’ web site ?!?

Y’all need some help over there ?!?

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