August 28th ~ Time and History Stops For No One …

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As the years roll on, we keep adding to our American History. History, like time, stops for no one.

Tina-Turner-President-G-W-Bush_et_alOf course, the more important an event was depending on the importance we put on an event makes that moment in history live on.

Some events transcend everything else.

Some moments in history go beyond what they appeared to be at the time. Some moments are misinterpreted and then later realized. An event or act that causes great attention may seem political at the time but was really more cultural or social in nature.
August seems to be when a lot of history happened. We are thinking in particular of today because of the milestone of the 50 year anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s 1963 speech that is known as his “I Have A Dream” speech.

But history is full of so much more. That’s the beauty of recorded history.

If you are into music, especially Bob Dylan

… you will know that also on this day in 1965 he was booed at a concert because he walked onstage with an electric guitar !!!

Bob-Dylan-dont-criticiseHow dare Bob Dylan offend his fans by using electricity !

Exactly five years after the “I Have A Dream” speech, during the Democrat National Convention in 1968 found “anti-war” demonstrators clashing with the police.

Go backwards in time half a century from that and you find that Ten suffragists arrested for picketing in front of the White House in 1917.

Jump back even further to 1830 on this day to find the very first train locomotive in the United States making its first run from Baltimore to Ellicotts Mill, Maryland. The engine was called the “Tom Thumb” … and knowing it’s destination being famous for brewing – they were no doubt making a beer run!

But jumping forward to our living memory, it is full of great events on this day …

Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall have a son in 1965 …

Paul McCartney gets a daughter in 1969 …

apollo_man-on-moon-_-American-flagCountry Music singer Le Ann Rimes
came to Earth in 1982.

In music we saw the goofy pop song
“Monster Mash” get a gold record in 1973 …

Tina Turner gets a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 1986 !

Believe me – Tina didn’t get a star in Hollywood by letting history pass her by.

The point is – history happens every day …

Go out and make some history yourself !

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