88 Years For the The Opry / Goodnight Tom Clancy

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Tom_Clancy_-_ATTRIB_CC2p0_Gary-Wayne-GilbertWhen I get deep into a work phase, it can be amazing what has been going on when I come up from the cave for some air …

It is with sadness when we learn of a talent passing from us.

Especially when it is such a talent for creating narratives and stories that entertain so many.

Such was the life of Tom Clancy.

Let us celebrate what he did for us. What he contributed to this world.

I am a bit disgusted by the predictable conspiracy theorists who always seem to ooze from the cracks whenever an opportunity arises to speculate when there is nothing to speculate about.

The speculators concerning the cause of Tom Clancy’s departure from among us is just as the grocery store tabloids run front page headlines of how a celebrity couple is on the rocks simply because one of them is not wearing their wedding ring in a photograph … probably because the photo called for no jewelry …

GW BUSHSpeculation without evidence is as evil as gossip.

These things always seem to happen with the intellectually challenged who see government spooks behind every bush.

I choose to remember Tom Clancy for his contributions.

We should all try to contribute in life as he did.

On a lighter note –

88_birthday_cakeIt’s yet another birthday for The Grand Ole Opry !!! It’s been 88 years … wow !


Few American institutions contain such a variety of historical and cultural aspects.

Not only containing musical history – but other aspects from radio history to classic architecture. It is amazing that not long ago it was almost lost to the wrecking ball … figuratively as well as physically.
The Grand Ole Opry must always be preserved.

It’s not really tied to a particular building. But it cannot be completely removed from it.

Some believe The Opry just isn’t really The Opry unless it’s in the Ryman Auditorium.

The Ryman is a beautiful place. I’ve had the opportunity many times to explore it on my own during daylight hours as well as backstage during the shows. It still has a feeling of reverence about it left over from its days as a place for spreading The Gospel.

Is The Grand Ole Opry a physical thing, emotional, legend or spiritual ?

Perhaps the Grand Ole Opry is a lot of all of those. I’m sure it is.

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