Busiot … my new word.

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busy-guy-cartoonI coined a new word –


Quick – call Websters !!!

Think of the word “business”.

People pronounce it as “biz-ness”. It relates to work and how we make a living.

But it literally means “a state of being busy” if you break it down into its components.

It’s good to be busy.

im-too-busyDays are getting shorter
as the seasons become colder.

That’s just the Earth on its axis at work.

But it also seems like time is speeding up.

It must be just the old saying that time flies when one is having fun.

I did realize this:

Everyone sets out to do what the want to do …
… and ends up doing what they should be doing.

I should make a bumper sticker out of that one … but to be able to read it would require tailgating!

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