Remember that guy that was in that movie ? He was Ed Lauter.

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Ed_Lauter_38_PDCharacter actors are always with us.

Leading men and leading ladies come and go like the flavor of the month.

But character actors get seen again and again.

Their careers go on almost forever.

We know them.

They are reliable.

They just don’t have that chiseled look that is so disposable as popularity dictates.

So they stay in there time after time.

Directors keep calling them back for their next film or project because they are reliable.

Yet the public rarely remembers their name.

They remember the face – sure.

So maybe the best place to be for an actor is to be the character actor. Like Burgess Meredith or Ben Kingsley or that guy who was in that movie

Such as the actor Ed Lauter
As I came up for air after finishing the latest “The American Age” episode, I discovered that he left us.

He was one of those “guys in that thing” we saw again and again …

I remember seeing him in a lot of SciFi productions from X-Flies to Star Trek TNG and even Alfred Hitchcock‘s last movie Family Plot. He did have a look to him that played well in that genre.

He was in over 200 movies and TV shows. What a great career he had and I can only imagine all the fun.

It’s good to know Ed Lauter will always be with us in all those movies and television shows we will continue to enjoy.

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