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What if you saw an ad on television, radio or in a magazine from one of the big car makers that offered a brand new car for free ?
“Get a car built for free!”

That would probably grab your attention.

No doubt many people would make a bee-line to the car dealership.

Then, at the car dealership they tell you that you can drive a car – any car – and if you like it, all you have to do is pay a low monthly fee.

three-card-monteWould you feel deceived ?

At what point …

… would you realize the deception ?

Some would realize this “come on” when they see the word “free”.

Others would figure it out at the end of the advertisement because they paid attention long enough to listen to the entire ad.

Snake-BiteOthers would get all the way down to the dealership and into a “conversation” with a salesman only to realize they wasted a lot of time for nothing.

Yet there are some – and enough to make the trick happen for the dealer – who still think they received a free car even as they make their first “low monthly fee payment”.

And the real ironic part of it is that the “low monthly fee” is more than if they had bought a car that wasn’t free!

used-car-salesmanThis happens every day.

This sad state of business in these days we live in seems to be what is a prophecy of ALL business in the future.

Hucksters promising everything for free and the fools who think everything is free.

Free costs a lot of money.

A great example is the offer for a free web site.
That low monthly fee equals over twice the price in a year than it was just to pay for an experienced professional to build one for you. But it gets built in a 21st century sweatshop by someone in a 3rd world country for pennies on the dollar from templates. And that is just what happens on the surface. Once you get into a contract you cannot get out of, the real fun begins!

Moe-Cooks-The-GulliblesThat’s the reality of “free”

I am wondering how long it will be until car manufacturers will join in on the “free fad” ?

Yet – I am very sure there are a majority out there that understand that nothing is free. People use their labor to make something while others buy those things with money they made from making something with their labor.

That is the ebb and flow of a thriving economy.

burned-weeniesAnything “free” costs more than something with a price tag.

That does – in fact – apply to everything.

The newest fad is the “weird trick” trick. But that is a subject for another day. Do gullible people now rule the economy? Are honest business people being forced to join into deception in order to survive?

You’re a good man Charlie Brown. Don’t fall for it again.


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