Happy Thanksgiving (sans turkey)

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Thanksgiving_cover_Saturday-Evening-Post_1924Do we have to have turkey on Thanksgiving?!?

No …

I need to stay awake.

This is a very productive time actually.

I have a tradition of staying out of malls and big box stores in the months of November and December going back to the 1970s.

Actually it has been my tradition ever since I could drive and had my beloved ’64 VW Bug that I didn’t want to get scratched in a parking lot by some irresponsible fool.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday

… and still is.

So we spent the day cooking and munching.

Making stuff that will last for months. Flash freezing, bagging and storing.

thanksgiving-snoopyLike a couple of squirrels …

Or a couple of nuts …

Video games for a few hours.

A late dinner is planned while watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

Such a great day to be with our favorite people !


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