World War One U-Boat Submarine Found and Identified as U-31

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WWI German Submarine U-boat

An amazing discovery resting deep on the bottom of the ocean has now been identified.

In 2012, a wind farm company was preparing to build a large wind turbine farm off the coast of Norfolk – East Anglia about 91 kilometers east and almost the same distance west from Amsterdam. ScottishPower Renewables company divers discovered the wreck 30 meters underwater but its identity was a mystery.

The U-31 launched on January 13th, 1915 – a century ago – and never returned to port. It was a mystery then to what happened. It is believed now that it struck a mine. All hands were lost.

The wreck of the U-31 should be reverenced as a grave site. It should not be raised.

WWI-U-boat-U-31CLICK HERE to discover the particular specifications for this U-boat submarine from our friends at – This early German U-boat was still quite sophisticated for the times.

CLICK HERE for more details in The Guardian.

CLICK HERE for a video report and very interesting images from The Mirror in the UK.

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