Coffee – The Breakfast of Champions Now Proven to Extend a healthy Life – and My Secret Cold Brew Now Told !!!

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Want to save some money and enjoy great coffee concoctions at the same time??? Read on my thirsty and sleepy friend of the Brotherhood of Night Owls –

coffee beans coffee black

Coffee? Healthy? Makes a long life? A new 16 year study in the UK says so …

You mean that beverage back in the 70s and 80s that was reported to cause heart attacks?

coffee mushroom pizza sliceThis is almost like all those studies back in the 70s that was taught to us in school that the world was entering a new ice age. But now the planet is about to burn up.

I also remember a study back in the 1990s that people who eat pizza 5 times a week have lower cancer rates. So then pizza prevents cancer?

a nice cup of coffeeIn the past – I knew restaurant managers under a lot of stress every day who drank several pots of coffee a day. They are all very old men now.

Let’s face the facts … it’s all about the caffeine.

In our modern world – we have to get up early and lift off like a rocket into space. Coffee is what does the trick.

In middle school – in music class – we were taught an anti-coffee song (for what reason?) … sort of like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” –

coffee kids music classI remember it was the 8th grade. And because we spent every day singing it for a year –

I remember the lyrics even to this day …

Seriously – I can remember every word and even the melody –

C-O-F-F-E-E Coffee is not for me.

It’s a drink that people wake up with –

And it makes them nervous is no myth –

Slave to a coffee cup – they can’t give coffee up!

My mother drank several cups of coffee in in the morning all her life …

… and a couple just before bedtime because it made he sleepy for bed !!!

My healthy mother turns 80 next year! Guzzling coffee every day and a good Baptist woman too …

I never drank any coffee until I was in my 30s … and that was only at music seminars that had free coffee.

I now make my own frozen cappuccino … I will give the recipe at the bottom of this post –

coffee caffeine chemical structureSo – what is this all about? Is it the C8H10N4O2 central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class (caffeine)?

Is it some other substance in the coffee bean that is beneficial?

Once upon a time – coffee was bad – then it was good – then it was very bad – now it is good again … ?!?!?

Maybe … it’s just an endless cycle of science specialists who do studies … who write proposals for grant money to keep themselves in a flow of self-created money to pay themselves ?!?

Meanwhile – I make my own brew at home from time to time … not every day … just for those times of need.

coffee moka pot

The best heated brew is from the Italian aluminum contraptions called a “Moka Pot” … they are so wonderful !!! but I found a better way …

Tony Rollo Cold Brew Coffee Base –

( I have been “cold brewing” for 10 or more years – way before it was cool )

1) Get a big ‘ole jar …

2) add one part ground coffee

3) add 4 parts good, clean water

4) put the lid on the jar and place on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator

5) every time you visit your refrigerator – take the jar and shake it well – then put it back

6) do step 5 for at least 24 hours – 48 is better – in fact … the longer the better … 4 days is great !!!

The remaining grounds will eventually settle at the bottom. You can carefully pour out the clear coffee off the top of the jar as needed. In fact – adding some of the leftover grounds are quite good for an extra kick when making a blended brew !!!

coffee cup chemical structureIf you want to – get a funnel and place a coffee filer in it and drain the mixture into another jar. Keep that in the ‘fridge and use as needed.

You can also heat up the cold brew if you want hot coffee –

But the taste will be so wonderful and clean – especially for those who like it BLACK … you should also try it black if you don’t like it black … maybe add a little shot of milk.

You will be so surprised!!!

Tony Rollo Frozen Mocha Cappuccino recipe

Get out your blender –

This recipe can be widely (or wildly) creative …

1) Put in 4 standard ice cubes

2) Pour in a shot of milk (better a shot of heavy whipping cream)

3) Add 6 almonds (or peanuts) they get ground up into minute shards in the process and pop any bubbles making the final result much thicker … this is an absolute necessity for a good result !!!

4) add 1 overripe banana … makes it thicker and adds taste

BEST to cut up very ripe bananas – place in a zip bag and let freeze ahead of time …

5) OPTIONAL – add a handful of frozen strawberries

6) Add a scoop of whey protein isolate powder

7) add 1 tablespoon of coco powder

8) add 1 tablespoon of sugar (why not?)

9) add a little cold brew coffee – add more once you start to blend to get it going

Start the blender … add more cold brew coffee if needed if the blending gets bogged down … not too much or it will be too liquid …

Pour into a large glass and enjoy !!!

There are many augmentations you can do – but this should be considered a base line. Use your imagination. Adjust this simple procedure to your own taste. Experiment and have fun !!!

coffee beans and ground coffee

Enjoy getting WOKE !!!

My pleasure to pass this on …

– t

PS: CLICK HERE for the press link to this new study …


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