How Much does Something Cost Today as Compared to Yesterday?

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Shrinking Dollar - labor worth moreWhat’s a buck worth these days?

How much can you charge for a job now?

The answer comes with a tool of technology !!!

I remember being in Engineering School in the middle 1980s and buying a good loaf of bread for 39 cents

A good loaf of bread now is almost 10 times that price. But a “store brand” now days can be just a dollar. How do they come up with that?

In 1978 I got a job right out of high school for $3.10 an hour because the boss hiring me believed I was “management material”… I was overjoyed at the time – because minimum wage was $2.65 … WOW !!!

Shortly after, I quit that job because I was making $90 for a 1/2 hour show doing a “mime and magic” gig at schools and dinner clubs. I did several shows a week – the phone was ringing constantly.

I’m not bragging. Because if I was REALLY smart at the time I could have kept it going if I knew how to properly promote myself and get a booking agent. YET – I was young and stupid. Great act but hardly any business smarts … the phone started ringing less and less … I had not understood yet about what “saturating the market” meant.

life happenedSo then – life happened …

Here I am now – more smarts about life and business.

But – how do we know what to charge to do a job?

What’s a buck worth these days? What is that $90 I got back then worth today? People were very happy to pay me $90 dollars for the fun I gave them back then … what about NOW ?!?

Here is a fun tool on the World Wide Web that will help:

Click HERE and find out what a buck is today as compared to your yesterday.

A handy-dandy Inflation Calculator

My $90 in 1978 is $300 today. But I don’t look good in black tights and mime makeup any more!

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