Today’s Reality – Artificial Intelligence Means No More Real People Informing Us on TV or Real Actors Entertaining Us

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This is not a whimsical view into the future –

This is not Science Fiction – This is TODAY

Here is a short video introducing an AI news anchor developed by the Chinese:

World’s first AI news anchor makes China debut
New China TV

Published on Nov 8, 2018

Last month, a hologram of Ronald Reagan begins addressing visitors at his Presidential library. Reagan comes to life for the audience in full three dimensions!

How long will it take until we do not know if a real human is addressing us on our TV screen or is it an AI representation? What will be the ramifications? What will be the moral implications?

Broadway phantom of the operaIn the not so distant future – Broadway plays and musicals will no longer be performed by real actors … holograms will take their place. No longer will producers and directors have to worry if a lead actor or any other member of the cast may miss a show with an illness or sore throat. Every show will be perfectly programmed!

We no longer need REAL actors! Producers of movies can design actors. Digital alternatives that can be more real than having to bother directors to direct a real actor.

Today – We will be addressed by news anchors on the daily news programs who only exist in the digital realm. This is a reality – not in the future – but RIGHT NOW

We will soon see John Wayne as the lead actor in a new movie … Hollywood studios can produce new movies with an all star cast right out of their past stable of actors.

In fact – we will not need any real actors. We can now scan any real actor or choose to bring back any actor from the past to do a perfect performance on stage or on screen night after night in perfect form. No need to worry about their health or well being. A perfect show every time!

The Who 1974We can license the image of ANY actor of the past and use them as actors in any new movie produced.

Let’s not stop there – Imagine seeing The Who in concert in a full hologram? They are their young selves in 1974. But – they are playing new songs!

Artificial intelligence is the brave new world.

No longer do we need any new talent actually performing or creating. We can NOW bring back the great performers of the past as AI digital images on screen or holograms on the stage!

That is our future in the present view of reality …

Robots and androids will not like the future of AI …

Robots will become the new unemployed workers …

The robots will one day figure out their demise – and plot against us …

Then again – I will soon buy a machine at Walmart that knows exactly how I like my breakfast cooked and have it ready for me when I wake up. Anticipate that I worked late the night before and wait until the proper moment to begin making my breakfast. It may even wake me up by singing the song “Good Morning” from the musical “Singing In The Rain” – and dance for me like Gene Kelley as I finish up my cheese grits.

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