You can never win a debate with a liar. (an essay)

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Leonardo DaVinci wrote that there are three basic classes of people. Those who see, those who see when shown and those who will never see.

In middle school I was introduced to the fine art of debate. In fact, we had a class that taught how to debate. At my first impression, debate was a sport more fun than anything with an actual ball involved.

I believed that debate was about two opposing viewpoints where truth was discovered by weighing out both sides. Soon I was to discover it isn’t always so if one is armed with truth but the opponent is a skilled liar.

I discovered a liar can always bend the story around the truth. All truth has are facts that truth cannot deviate from. Lies have no such restraints and can run loops around truth with pseudologic and eloquent rhetoric. To the liar, debate is not about discovering truth to all involved, it was all about the win.

Truth is usually simple and to the point so it can come across as dry and uninteresting. A lie draws apon feelings and eloquence. Sometimes a liar’s appearance is fluffy and sunny but other times it’s fear and terror. It all depends on the audience and the end game.

My granddad taught me to watch out for those who need to tell me how honest they are or when someone tells me how rich they are or the religious who tell me how annointed and holy they are or professional politicians who tell me how they will change the government for my benefit and any other person who has to sell me on an idea. My grandfather calculated it is guaranteed nine times out of ten to be the exact opposite. “Take your time and Weigh the facts, son.” my grandad instructed.

Whenever anyone forces you to rush to a decision, something is being hidden from you. They promise a special price if you sign up today. Act now or suffer catastrophy. They make special deals just for you because they like you.

The lie says that truth is only relative to a situation and that it is merely a shade of gray. Truth says it is a balance between the weight of two extremes. The lie says it’s an involved and complicated story. Truth says it’s a simple matter of balance.

There is indeed an indisputable truth in the universe. It has been named mathematics. For example, if you take two of something and add two more of that something you will end up with four of that something. Logical and indisputable, right? There is no way the liar could win that argument, right?

But with the liar even the absolutes of math do not matter. When the liar is confronted even with something so profound and truthful as two plus two equals four, the liar simply asks “So then why do we say four?”.

The tap dance thus begins yet again.


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