Good Night, Jack …

| March 15, 2013

I first met Jack Greene about 14 years ago backstage at the Opry House.

Although we were on a first name basis, we were friendly acquaintances as we would run across each other. I wish we had become closer friends because he was one of the most genuine people you could ever meet.
A real definition of the
Southern Gentleman.

Also a true Christian man, not religious.

He is mostly known for having the huge Country Music hit song “There Goes My Everything” but he was a guitarist and played drums. One of those kinds of musicians that was versatile as a band leader as well as a vocalist.

I remember when we first talked that he was pleasantly surprised that a young man knew of his first career with
Ernest Tubb.

He was pretty much considered one of the original Texas Playboys and I enjoyed his stories about being on Tubb’s old bus traveling the country. That very bus is on display in Music Valley in Nashville just across from Opryland Hotel and the Opry House. I believe we got along after that first meeting because of knowing that about him.

Jack Greene represents the real fabric of Nashville that made it “Music City USA”.

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