Goodnight Gordon …

| March 27, 2013


Gordon_Stoker_coolI have a short list of folks I have met in my life that are the most genuine people …

You can tell they are not putting up a fake front. If they are truly genuine.

As an experienced producer, director and with an extensive acting background, human nature is a detailed study in order to exhibit true character in my profession.

One of the most genuine and honest people is Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires singing group.

To say Gordon was part of the fabric of Nashville would be accurate – but saying he was part of the fabric of the history of popular music would be more accurate.

Gordon_StokerI only met Gordon professionally. Enough times to know I was in the presence of such a genuine person as well as a brilliant entertainer.

No wonder he and his group were so involved with anyone you can think of in music – from Elvis to George Jones and beyond.

What a long and fruitful life he had.
88 years.

Ray Walker has a great web page on Gordon on his official Jordanaires web site HERE.

Ray is another one of those interesting and genuine people you could ever meet.

I keep running into Ray Walker at grocery stores all the time … He is also quite an expert on keeping healthy.

If I were to give one word to describe Gordon Stoker … it would be “cool”

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