Today in 1765 ~ A Pandora’s [box] Can of Worms

| March 22, 2013

1765_one_penny_stampIt was the beginning of the beginning …

British Parliament passed the

Duties in American Colonies Act 1765″

or as it is better known:

The Stamp Tax

It was a Pandora’s Can Of Worms indeed …

Everything printed had to have a certain stamp attached. That included everything from newspapers to playing cards.

From this, the British colonies in North America protested that their rights as British citizens was violated as they had no representation in order to participate in how they were to be taxed.

istampa001p1From that, The Sons Of Liberty were born –

… and although the tax was repealed in 1766, the seeds of independence were already sown.

American Newspapers began to print a fake stamp consisting of a skull and crossbones where the proper stamp should be affixed …

This was not the final nail in the coffin, but certainly not the first in the abused from King George III’s arrogance against the American Colonies.

Know our history and
know what freedom means.


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