Sea Monkeys, X-ray Eyes and Whoopee Cushions

| March 4, 2013


comic-book-ad-7Back in the 60’s you could order all kinds of stuff through the mail from novelty companies with ads found in comic books.

I usually ordered toy metal cars for fifty cents that were like “Hot Wheels” before “Hot Wheels” came on the market. They took usually 6 weeks to arrive.

I even ordered a few goofy contraptions from the Johnson Smith Company – I can’t remember exactly what it was …

… but I know it wasn’t a whoopee cushion or X-ray specs ….

A buddy of mine gave into the ad in a comic book and ordered some “Sea Monkeys”

We were so very excited for them to come … the ad promised that they were “eager to please” and they could even be trained !


Then we found out after they were delivered they were only brine shrimp … fish food you can buy at any pet store to feed fish in an aquarium … talk about disappointed !

We could never train them to do anything …


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