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barber-shop-poleWith everything we do every day with technology and the WWW – this is the last place I have time to do anything …

Improvements have been long time needed and long time coming.

I am reminded of an old riddle …

… about the town with only two barbers, each with their barber shops on opposite sides of town.

One barber had an excellent haircut – the other had a bad haircut.

The question was:

Which barber would you go to for a cut?

kittybadhaircutMany would say to go to the barber with the good cut. Seems logical …

But the barbers themselves would have to go to the other for their own haircut.

So logically, the barber with the bad haircut would be the one who gave the good haircut to the other.

This principle may not apply to web sites, but usually when one does something all day, the last thing they want to do is go home and do the same work they have been doing all day.

vintage-stereo-gearI had a taste of that when I was much younger when stereo systems were the main form of entertainment for the technically minded.

Working on a stereo shop all day demonstrating and listening to fine stereos, by the end of the day it wasn’t such a pleasure to go home and turn on my own home stereo due to listening fatigue.

With that, I have finally made the changes needed to my own spot on the WWW … and as time goes by I will move content over. However, I usually use up all my brain cells on other work and additions to my own personal site is a choice between rest or doing what I was already doing all day on other sites or editing film or graphics. It is good to have a more fun and therapeutic diversion in one’s work. and this is mine.

So – I hope you will enjoy the new virtual digs

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