Happy Birthday Chuck

| April 10, 2013

Chuck_Connors_as_Lucas_McCainHe was many things …

A tank warfare instructor in the US Army.

A professional basketball player.

A professional baseball player.

An actor.

Chuck Connors did more in one lifetime than most guys would take several lifetimes to achieve.

He never seemed to get type cast in movies. He played good guys as well as bad guys.

The range of characters he played was astounding. From cowboys to an indian chief and even strange science fiction films.

My favorite bad guy role he fit well in was against Charlton Heston in the classic Science Fiction movie “Soylent Green”.


Chuck_Connors_The_RiflemanHowever, I particularly enjoyed him as the policeman who was caught between teenage hot rodders and the anti drag racing public in “Hot Rod Girl”.

Of course he is no doubt most remembered for starring in the television series “The Rifleman”.
Then again – maybe he should be best known for trading his dog for a horny toad and a meal in Disney’s “Old Yeller”.

Chuck_Connors_MadHe was one of those rare talents that was completely believable in any role as a leading man or as a character actor.

He would have turned 92 today.

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