Aristotle, Bacon, Descartes and even my Great-Granny all knew that Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water

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ice-cube-tray_public-domain-imageIt is a strange phenomenon …

Warmer water will freeze faster than colder water.

Aristotle may have been the first person we know of to have written about this phenomenon.

Bacon and Descartes wrote about it. But even my Great-Granny knew it.

Perhaps this could explain the confusion in the news today and all those bewildered scientists who seem to keep contradicting themselves.

There is also a lot of differing opinions about the observed fact that hot water does freeze faster than cold water.

Isn’t that the main aspect of scientific discovery ? To observe.

Theories have their place in science.

But theories are tempered by sound observation and recorded data.

It can take a very long time in collecting data in order to understand facts in science. It also takes ALL the data and facts without manipulation or denying some data just because it does not fit into a theory.

I remember a professor I had when studying engineering that said the world of physics will always fall apart every five years because they will continue to discover smaller particles on and on. And every time they discover a smaller one they exclaim it to be the smallest there is. The universe is infinitely small and huge. We will never find the end of it.

Wise words. While it is wise to stand on what we now know, it is wiser still to realize we will discover more knowledge in time.

confused-retro-kidIn the early 1970s in school we were all taught that the planet was heading into an ice age.

We were deluged with studies on the Eskimos …

Maybe they wanted to prepare us for living in igloos.

The BBC reported in 2007 that global warming would melt ALL the ice in the Arctic by 2013.

That meant by THE SUMMER THAT JUST PASSED there was to be NO ICE in the arctic.

Uhhh … the ice is growing by 29% a year now.

Time magazine even seems to have forgotten reporting on a coming ice age in the mid-70s. Here are the magazine covers in the middle 1970s and then about ten years ago:


There seems to be even more confusion as about ten years ago the kids were being taught that the ice and polar bears would all be gone by now. But the numbers of polar bears have been increasing.

Now the seas have been measured to be much warmer and the polar ice is now larger than ever measured.

In 1979, Time magazine was making global cooling its cover story:


My questions are these:

Could the phenomenon of warmer water freezing faster be the reason for the ice now growing in the arctic ?

Could it be that the Earth actually corrects itself ?

Perhaps this could all be due to some grand design. A wonderful design.

Maybe the confusion is coming from those who choose to ignore the difficult observations and data that in reality makes for good science.

Time_Magazine_Cover_Generation_XAll this does seem to point at deliberate manipulation. Of course magazine publishers want to sell more magazines. And nothing sells more magazines than sensational stories about crisis.

“If it bleeds it leads” as the media says … Good news doesn’t sell.

Yet to me it seems the public has been living for a while now with the epitome’ of “the boy who cried wolf” !

Something else Aristotle realized and was repeated by Plato and other philosophers:
“Youth is so easily deceived because it is so quick to embrace.”

Maybe those members of GENERATION X (those born in the 1960s) such as myself are simply doomed to see history repeat itself as we now realize the contradiction but the kids now think it’s all new to them and will not listen or pay attention to real data due to their nature.

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