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Today for some is a day of morbid curiosity. To others it is a day that represented great loss personally and to our nation. To others it is a day to reflect and remember achievements and to be thankful for what we have and where we came from.
The more times change …
… the more they remain the same.

I can remember a time when all people had a burning passion to achieve.

We had this burning passion no matter what our goal was. No matter what our position in life and society was.

We wanted to build. We wanted to make things.

1963-april-28_space_article_magazineWe wanted to GO !

We could be a writer or an engineer.

We could be a home maker.

A plumber or mechanic.

A jukebox designer or a janitor.

We could be an artist or business professional.

It does not matter as we all attributed an aptitude for growth and excellence in whatever we do.

Many of us still feel that passion.

What makes one person want to take on a challenge while another retreats ?

Those who look for challenges have no time to stop and wonder why. We are too busy climbing mountains to stop and ask why !

We would rather do than think about doing.

On this day of morbid curiosity for some and a time to reflect for others …

All we need to do is to look back at times before the things around us have become so routine.

1963_franklin_half_dollarBefore our GPS and weather satellites … computer maps …

Looking at when such dreams and ideas were considered an act of faith.

Yesterday was an act of faith while today it is an simple act of pressing a button.

But without those who have vision and faith to face challenges – everything stops in its tracks.

And to keep this passion we must keep our basic incentives for growth.

Look beyond the morbid curiosities and time wasting theories into the actual achievements and principles that will work today just as they did fifty years ago.

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