Book Trailer for the Audiobook Diary Of A Real Boy

| December 19, 2013 | 2 Comments

Above is the shorter version of the Book Trailer for the audiobook of Diary Of A Real Boy

This audiobook is a comedy audio performance based on the classic American book of humor The Real Diary Of A Real Boy by Henry Shute. It comes to life with a brilliant and funny performance by a young actor.

More of a little rascal than Spanky or Alfalfa. More a menace than Dennis. This audio book brings alive all the side-splitting situations that have made this classic American work so beloved.

Diary Of A Real Boy audiobook Based on The Real Diary Of A Real Boy by Henry Shute

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  1. Jose D. Morgan says:

    Hello Tony. I’m listening to the audiobook now. I saw this version of Diary of a Real Boy and ordered it from Amazon. I’m amazed at how classical and adventurous it is and how amazing the production sounds. I was curious about it so I decided to order a copy and listen now. I’m looking forward to reading more articles in your blog and finding out more about your other productions. Keep it up!

  2. tony says:

    Thanks Jose –

    This audio adaptation is not just an audio book as you have discovered.

    It is a full performance of a classic book.

    Such a talented performance indeed!

    We spent a long time producing this work and it is catching on quite well now.

    Thanks for your interest and ordering the CD set. It will not be available for a download version at any time in the future. We want to offer it through Amazon only in a studio quality form. The CD set is the only form available at this time.

    Thanks again for ordering the CD set – and enjoy our hard work intended to entertain and amaze you!

    – t

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