Script Table Reading – When a Script Comes Alive – Benjamin Franklin Lives enters Post Production

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My post production in “Benjamin Franklin Lives” has entered the final works. International actors have all recorded their parts and it is now the time to put all the pieces together.

script table readingThen –

… the pieces envisioned takes a life upon its own. It is now voiced. The paper script now finds a voice with actors.

After all the creativity … and great vision is hammered out – Great thinking is reworked …

Actors are hired … This particular production of mine has ventured far out to include an international cast

The script is actually acted out in the intimate moment of a “table read”

Once a script is made vocal – it can have its flaws revealed. Creativity is reworked …

Brilliant moments and performances come to life. Casting choices reveal themselves. The story comes together as well as the soul of a production comes to life … yet – pieces and parts are rearranged to become better. What was so smart to begin with becomes brilliant.

What looks great on paper can reveal necessary corrections once voiced aloud. It is a time of creative correction and can bring a smart production into brilliance.

This is why table readings are so important.

Rewrites and revisions on the fly ensue …

Here is a great example of how a table reading shapes a final production and brings out a great performance – even with the youngest actors …

Thanks to the late director Sidney Lumet his book “Making Movies” taught me so much about the subject of table readings. Rest in peace Sidney … and thanks so much …

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