I miss my 2600 ~ Fortunately I have my ’78 Odyssey :-)

| March 3, 2013


bob-moog-surprisedI believe strongly, that the ARP 2600 is arguably the greatest synthesizer ever created.

I hope Bob Moog isn’t rolling over in his afterlife –

I did run into Bob (literally) at a Nashville NAMM show when he first created his “MOOGERFOOGER” and got to spend a great deal of time with him – along with Bob offering to me his business card which he autographed to me as we departed company …

I owned several Moog pieces over the years including a Micromoog, a Sonic Six, Taurus Bass,and a few others – but ironically, I have never owned a Mini Moog ! I do have a software version which is really cool …

Edgar_Winter_ARP_2600Still – the 2600 was a landmark because it was “normalized” to use without patch cables but could then use patch cables like a true modular synthesizer.

Edgar Winter made it cool by attaching a guitar strap to the separate keyboard so he could run around on stage with it.

My 2600 was a grey face with the circuit that Moog sued ARP over … I sold it in 1980 for $1200 for money to go to engineering school. Shucks …

I love true electronic music – and the gear from the 1970s … Even Crumar … the cheesiest synths back then are still way cooler than anything now – the only thing that comes close is the KORG MS2000r …

Tomita … Tangerine Dream … Gary Numan … Edgar Winter’s “Fankenstein” – even The Who’s “Barbara O’Riely” could not be what it is without the ARP 2600 –


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