Happy Hillbilly Day !

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Actually, there is no “official” day of the hillbilly …

I refer to a New York Journal article way back in 1900 that was published on this day that is the first known mention of the term.

Julian_HawthorneIt was in an article by political correspondent Julian Hawthorne. Hawthorne was quite a prolific writer and traveler.

To me, Hawthorn looks more like a hillbilly in a suit.

This is how words meander their way into our popular language – and then find their way into legitimate recognition in serious dictionaries.

At first a word is slang that becomes more and more popular and then the intellectuals pick them up in time.

Apparently, the term “hillbilly” is derived from a Scottish term “billy” which means a male who is honest, friendly and good. As in: “That boy is a good billy!”

So the origins of the term is steeped in positive meanings. Who knows when it became derogatory. But it is used in a negative way by the more urban people.
It is interesting to me, that stereotypes are apparently embraced by some groups who are the subject of being stereotyped.

Hillbillies are unique to America as much as they are unique in their ways.

Being a hillbilly has nothing to do with intelligence.

In fact, hillbillies seem to have quite a level of intelligence and ingenuity when creating solutions for everyday problems.

Especially when repurposing something that most would discard or coming up with a luxury in a very unique way using available materials.

Yes – it seems that hillbillies make the world go ’round in their own way.


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