Science and the Tortillia Chip

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tortillia_chips_home_madeWe love chips and salsa in our house.

But we can’t stand store chips in those big plastic bags. Not only because of the loads of salt (because we like to actually taste the food) but the price of convenience and the chemicals introduced to keep them fresh.

We make our own – but they never seem to come out like the mexican restaurants … crisp and perfectly golden.

I found that a lower temperature (around 300f) seems to be better.

tortillia_chips_fryingBut still – never could get the perfect results we wanted.

Then – I found someone who was more geeky than me about making chips who approached the process like a proper scientist would in conducting a proper experiment –

CLICK HERE for Scientific findings of making the perfect tortillia chips

Awesome !

We use a cast iron “dutch oven” with a candy thermometer …

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