The Wonderful Tennessee State Museum ~ Our Spring Bok Choi Harvest this year ~ and Goodnight Esther Williams

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bok-choi-harvest-tony-rollo-dot-comBeing quite busy these weeks with everything and the CMA Music Festival in full swing ~

I decided to shotgun post several things at once to hold us for a week or so …

We have a fantastic State Museum located in downtown Nashville.

My favorite display is the printing press from 200 years ago …


Nashville still is an important printing center. Could you imagine having to use this thing to print the news and books ?!?


Just laying out the fonts page by page was like stacking BBs in a wind storm.


Not only was it a tedious task – it was also physically demanding to run a printing press back then. It was an extremely mechanical and physical job to have. No wonder Benjamin Franklin sold out his printing business when he got into his forties and took up flying kites !


There are some amazing stuff at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville. There is NO ADMISSION FEE – so make sure to check it out … There’s also a room full of old black powder rifles and pistols !!!

I especially love the old books and documents – like the copies of the newspapers such as this 1823 Tennessee Village Messenger newspapers bound together …


I also wanted to show off our Bok Choi (NAPA) cabbage harvest for this spring. Pictured is about half of it … after sharing some with a church friend, we will have kimchee until November with all this when we harvest the late crop then … We have loads of romaine lettuce too – and the corn is head tall now.


Bathing_Beauty_1944_movie_poster_-_not_PDWe are having fabulous weather this spring.

Not like last year’s kooky weather !

Speaking of water …

The Hollywood swimming beauty Esther Williams slipped peacefully off in her sleep during the night at 91 years old.

A full life …

I still dig her films. Yes – some of them were a bit corny … but all of them were entertaining.

I particularly like the one where she was paired with Red Skelton.

She lived during the best time to be alive on this planet, in the best country on this planet. Living an American dream. Who could ask for more ?

If you’ve never seen one of the movies she was in, at least get a copy of “That’s Entertainment” to see some of her best moments as well as a lot of other best moments in Classic Hollywood …


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