What You Think You See Is Not What You Think You Get

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x-ray_glasses_ad_1960sComic book ads back in the 1960s were quite amazing …

When I found out I could pick up bottles from soft drinks that were discarded along the roadside and turn them in for 3 cents a piece at the corner store and immediately support my comic book habit, I was in heaven !

RC Cola bottles would get a nickle a piece ! I don’t know exactly why the extra two cents a bottle…

But … I digress …

I particularly loved the Sargent Rock WWII based and the Scot Jackson racing comics and the occasional super hero comic if it involved robots of some sort.


drag-n-wheels-comic-funny-car“Mod Wheels” comics and the “Hot Wheels” (after the really cool metal cars) comic books were simply awful … blatant commercial crapola.

“Drag ‘N Wheels” and “Hot Rods and Racing Cars” were simply cool and realistic with great stories and art. I scarfed them up as soon as they would come in.

Some comic book producers made really good products.

Great stories especially. Sometimes the art seemed a bit rushed – but it was always appropriate to the story.

The ads would hit me sort of funny …

… sometimes would make me crazy !

It wasn’t until I found out I could get even more money for mowing the yards of some of the older ladies in the neighborhood and could afford a couple of dollars to send away for matchbox cars and the like …

But some of the ads made me wonder who the heck could fall for such tripe – However … the ads could really drum up that “gotta have it” complex !

Some ads were so outrageous that even a 9 year old would give it a “yeah, right” ! Who would fall for that ? They are no doubt the same who fall for those emails from guys in Nigeria claiming to be the grandson of some big poo-bah and need to transfer several million dollars … tragically some really do believe it !

Wow ! A submarine ?!? A real Nuclear Submarine for $7 bucks ?!?


And this is what comes –


What about that Jet Rocket Ship for only five bucks ?!?! REALLY cool !


And this is what comes … cardboard … Still – pretty cool if you’re … like … uh … six !


A buddy of mine ordered the Sea Monkeys … only to find they were just brine shrimp … basically just a packet of freeze dried fish food with a fancy package –


comic-book-ad-1960s-skeletonWe never could figure out how to “train” these shrimp .. uhhh … “sea monkeys” like the ad said …

I fell once for disappointment.

I ordered the 7 foot tall skeleton …

… and it was just a plastic poster …

worth a dollar after all …

but the ad made me think it was like a model kit !

I always wondered about the ads for live animals

All I could think of is the poor creatures banging around in a mail truck.

I did order the army men and it was a real blast !

I got more than my money’s worth. And the ad was quite honest.

So let the buyer beware – or at least keep both eyes open.


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  1. Robert says:

    This is awesome!

    I remember quite vividly seeing these ads in the comics I read as a kid.

    The Sea Monkeys I knew right away were brine shrimp.

    I understood how the exray specs worked.

    But I could never figure out exactly what they were selling as a ‘submarine.’

    Not a bad deal actually.

    Thanks so much for posting those photos – I can cross that off my bucket list now.,

    • tony says:

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      I remember in the ad for the skeleton it said “shake the skeleton and it will move” … HA!

      More like flap in the wind …

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