Korean War 60th Anniversary since the Armistice

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An armistice is when the opposing sides in a war agree to stop shooting. Neither surrender. The conflict continues, it’s just that bullets cease to fly.
I have personally interviewed and spoken with people who had first hand experience during the Korean War. Many of them were in South Korea (ROK). First hand accounts from Koreans who were teenagers in 1950 and the horror they had to endure upon the attack of the communist forces.

War is horrendous and terrible. But living under totalitarianism is more terrible than a raging war.

Korea Observation Post OuelletteOne reality is sure:
if communism was allowed to overtake that peninsula in 1950 we would not have the firm example of how prosperous a people can become in a free society as the ROK has given us.

There has been many documentaries about the Korean War. However, nothing I have ever seen has ever come closer to understanding what our brave servicemen had to endure during the Korean War than this documentary :


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