Back to the Moon We Go !

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ladee-moon-spacecraft-liftoff-sept-6th-2013Finally …

back to the moon we go!

God speed m’LADEE …

Think of the wealth of minerals there could be used for the advancement of our world for industry and the benefit of all mankind.

It would probably also be a good idea to send up a fence building robot to run some barbed wire around the Apollo 11 landing site to keep the chicom tourists from molesting that historic site …!

We have benefited greatly from our space program.

Just think of LEDs !

Not to mention food and water purification advancements – freeze drying technology – temper foam for better sleeping – firefighting gear and even cordless vacuum cleaners !!!

Especially solar power …

With a way to get to the moon and back with minerals and ore would benefit everyone in one way or another.

armstron-on-the-moonWe have lead the way and should continue to lead the way. It is quite amazing to have seen the first men walk on the moon and now are advancing in so many ways with knowledge and technology.

The night launch was quite a show and could be seen well all up the east coast.

Let’s hope we will see more launches and explorations soon.

Concentrating on the moon would be our best course for now. Mars can wait until we get our chops down better. What better way for us to advance further in our knowledge and technology than to return to the moon?

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