“Cord Nevers”? What about “Cord No Mores” ?!?

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Yet more changes are coming to a dictionary near you … A new group is rising:

cord-no-mores-cord-nerver“Cord Nevers”

These are folks in their early to mid twenties who have never subscribed to “cable”.

They have been streaming things via the internet and have not given into subscribing to “cable television”…

Who subscribes to “cable” anymore ? I thought satellite TV was “tha’h thang” for the last ten or more years ?!?

Yet there is a growing group of people that we have been a member of for quite a while now:

cord-no-more-coaxial_cableI call them “Cord No Mores” –

We joined these folks a while ago. We found we were watching more and more via streaming already.

Satellite was becoming agonizingly boring. What little new programming was just terrible. What quality that might be there was few and far between and we could find it easier, quicker and when we wanted it via the internet and streaming.

So why pay for something that is not necessary – is burdensome – and mainly regurgitated slop ?

“Cord No Mores” are those of ANY age who have finally had enough of paid television and are returning to the legacy style of broadcasting.


“Cord No Mores” are fed up with the same content over and over again by pay TV subscriptions.

cord-no-more-streamingFinished with being force fed garbage in a linear fashion.

They are streaming their news and more.

They are putting antennas up again …

… and getting the wonderful digital broadcasting from their local stations.

They have returned to letting advertisers pay to sponsor quality programs … like the good ‘ole days when stories and the actors had us glued to our TVs.

cord-no-more-cut-cableRefusing to be enslaved to contracts and mega monthly payments for hundreds of channels they will never watch.

We are the new media platform consumers that will bring new life to the “old platforms” like broadcast radio and television.

We are quite tired of channels “going dark” because one big media bully plays games with a big carrier bully using subscribers as pawns.

In my house, we went through that game playing several years ago and could only laugh at the new rounds a few months ago.

And now Disney is (justified) going after the big, bad evil DISH MONSTER who is actually selling technology to steal revenues from creators of quality programming ?!?

How can creators of quality programs have the means to create more quality shows if the carriers allow ads to be skipped over by the carriers of the programming? The carriers are creating a downward spiral and their own demise eventually in a not very distant future. It has already begun and is no doubt unstoppable.

No more … We are the CORD NO MORES ! Hear us ROAR !!! It’s just a natural course for us all eventually.


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