University of Oxford study says Sir-Mix-A-Lot is Right

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Yes – it’s official.

Why? Because Oxford has a wonderful department of Women’s Studies and they have spent years sorting it out for us all.

Nature has shown us for years.

We already knew it – we didn’t know exactly why – but we knew it down deep inside.

I’m sure it is like knowing thirst and hunger as a small child and then being taught why when we get old enough to go to school. Before then we just knew we were thirsty or hungry.

The male of the species has instinctively known the results of the Oxford study since the time he woke up with a missing rib.

According to Oxford University Women’s Studies, there is a particular attribute for a woman to have that leads to everything to greater health, smarter children and more.

Imagine that … even her children are more intelligent. She has less health problems. Much lower cases of heart disease and diabetes. The list goes on and on.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford, UKMagazines featuring sickly looking people who appear malnourished and tubular have been misleading the public for half a century.

Perhaps this generation that have grown up since the middle of the 20th century may prove out to be the generation of experimentation against nature. And will realize the self appointed intellectuals have all been wrong after all and Great-Granny was right all along.

All those things created to replace natural essence with a better life through chemistry are more and more falling to the side while what our grandparents said is being proven by science and statistical studies to be best for us.
It makes me wonder what else will be discovered in the coming years ?

I was taught in school based on serious minds of science that by now we would be well on our way into a new ice age.

You just can’t fool or manipulate mother nature after all !

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