Bledsoe Colonial Fair – More Images – Divine Service – Serious Competition To Make Fire after the Shooting Match – Living History and the BEST Colonial Reenactors

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The annual Bledsoe Colonial Fair reveals much detail with those participants who present Living History. This is a premium event that is a lot of fun for the whole family. You will become drawn into a world of yesterday – while learning and discovering valuable information that will apply to your life today in the modern world.

To discover the first posting about this amazing event CLICK HERE – here are some more images and happenings from the Bledsoe Colonial Fair that should prove to be quite interesting and enlightening:

After the shooting match – which is so amazing to witness – the men who are pioneering the American wilderness gather under the main tent for a very serious competition –


It is the time for fire starting competition. A very serious time for speed and precision.


Survival in the wilderness depends on maintaining a camp fire. Starting a fire quickly is of high importance. This particular competition is all about speed and knowledge of technique.

Meanwhile – some distance away in the camp –


A young colonial girl who is a sister in a camping family seems troubled. In the crisp air of the morning, she has already prepared herself for the day. Yet – she is watching her younger brothers create mischief. She wishes to have the authority as her mother possesses to bring discipline to those rowdy boys.


Across the way, an elder consults with a younger man about word of activity of a possible attack from savages on Bledsoe Station.


The younger man listens and considers the possible dangers and attack of Bledsoe Station. He considers the strategies needed.


Suddenly – the crisp morning air of this Sunday is split by the chimes from the bell of Parson John. He is calling out that the Divine Service will begin in twenty minutes. Many have already taken their seats under the main tent.


Parson John begins his message in this divine service. His book is an actual 1720s edition!


Even the rough wilderness men attend while staying in the background. After their early morning shooting match and fire starting competition, they seem eager to hear what Parson John has to say.


Even though Parson John had distributed a pamphlet for the divine service, some of the wilderness men who never learned to read can still hear and understand the deep meaning of the message.


Words of truth can still inspire the most roughest man of the wilderness.


A colonial woman who was an indentured servant all her life – hears the words spoken by Parson John. Truth about freedom of mind and spirit enter her ears for the first time in her life.


Bledsoe-Colonial-Fair-2018-divine-service-parson-john-living-history-10Parson John continues to bring the powerful and inspirational message


Frannie – seamstress of Fort Downing Clothing – listens to the powerful words from Parson John. She stands behind her husband who is a skilled hat maker. He is most respected in the world of the living history culture. His hats are not only period specific, but of high quality – traditionally made by his own hands.


The Bledsoe Colonial Fair is an event for the individual interested in colonial history. It is also a fun event for the whole family to experience.

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