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Sumner County TennesseeThe Bledsoe Colonial Fair is a must attend event with those in the culture of the Living History world. This particular event has become a trade show event for everyone in this world.

Held on the grounds of a historic site – many historic buildings abound … populated in that time of the fair by presenters who are enthusiastic to explain all the historical significance to you.

If you are anybody and everybody in the world of living history – with wares to present – you MUST be present at this particular event. Of course – the general public that attends will be treated to such a special time … REAL family fun and a great time for all.

Blacksmiths – shoe makers – shooting matches – knife makers – antiques – food – a Divine Service on Sunday – pottery – clothing – table wares – hats – beautiful dresses – hand made fabrics and lace – pewter – craftsmen of all disciplines … they are all there – from the 1750 to 1799 period.

Bring your wife!she will LOVE IT !!! Bring your children! Your kids will have loads of fun !!! Bring yourself! You will have an experience that will forge memories that will last a lifetime …

Pictures say a thousand words … So – here are a lot of pictures with limited commentary –


Historic reenactors camp and deeply enjoy this event


Music abounds all over the area


Minstrels continually perform in their camps and in a main tent location – even mesmerizing the children who also reenact with their families at the Bledsoe Colonial Fair


Tall tales and stories can be heard – in every direction …


The moment of a punch line in a hunting story


Dennis Boggs – famous of his presentation of “Meet Mr Lincloln” nation wide makes an appearance as the grandfather of Abraham Lincoln – “Captain Lincoln” – and has a discussion with a colonial reenactor.


A colonial reenactor and gunsmith craftsman explains his building of a classic Blunderbuss firearm. The barrel alone took 900 hours of labor to make!!! Parts of it are from an original “brown betty”


Families are a large part of the Bledsoe Colonial Fair


A great fellowship of men is also a large part of the Bledsoe Colonial Fair – classic firearms and knives in a historic view. Like minded people coming together to have fun and celebrate American history


A handcrafted and fully functional historically accurate pistol for sale – for a bargain !!!


Speaking of historic craftsmen – a historic knife maker

Appearing every year at the Bleadsoe colonial fair event

Hand forged blades made in traditional labor


A trader shows up to the camp


The trader makes his best pitch to buy the craftsman’s works at a bargain –

A lot of haggling ensues – great fun to witness !!! It’s the real thing to see …

A bargain is the usual result – step up and get your bargain for real artistic treasures !!!


The real deal – honest craftsmen with their traditionally made works – artists – ready to make a deal with you with the products of their labor. It could be iron – pottery – clothing – whatever… Step up an make your bid. It’s all real here while you go back in time. Get a one of a kind object here at Blesoe!


The celebrated seamstress and historic clothing artist – Frannie – of Fort Downing Clothing – posing with a young fan with her laboriously recreated and historically accurate Scottish wedding gown…


Fort Downing Clothing is among the best sought among reenactors. All hand made and historically accurate


The Ft Downing tent is always a main attraction at colonial reenactment events


This is where you can try on history and experience timeless beauty

Here is a typical interesting moment you will encounter at the Bledsoe Colonial Fair –
fun – yet frustrating moments that all families encounter …



A typical morning for a colonial mother with active little boys – she is concerned with her rowdy sons as her daughters have already made themselves ready for the day …


The young village blacksmith and his younger brother just happen to pass by. They see the young mother in a moment of distress and inquire if they can help.


The young mother explains there is not problem.
It is just a case of how little boys are so easily distracted.
But it can become a nuisance when getting a group of children ready
to address the necessary work for the day.


Look at that fat man! He is really fat!!!


Little boys will be boys – as the mature people try to tolerate it …


Meanwhile – as the men prepare for the shooting match – more tall tales are told


Great historic effort is always on display


Explore this amazing event and historic location on the World Wide Web –



Bledsoe’s Lick Historic Society:

Bledsoe Creek State Park – Tennessee:

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  1. Jim Sandman says:

    It was my first time to attend, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Met some great friends, colorful characters, and fellow members of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). Looking forward to next year !

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