Death of the Hotdog – Hot Dogs Now Forbidden at Costco Food Courts and Replaced by VEGAN Selections

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What is more American than the beloved hot dog?

Baseball games are better with the hot dog vendor … The 4th of July is better with a good hot dog. Any event, pool party, special event or a backyard grill is incomplete without the special treat of a hotdog grilled to perfection and enjoyed by any American kid and any adult who craves great flavor.

kids enjoy hotdogsEven any backyard grill party is not complete without also grilling a few hotdogs to please the younger kids while the adults may enjoy a grilled steak or hamburger. The kids always seem to prefer the hotdog …

But this week – COSTCO removed the best selling item – the mighty hotdog from its grill menu to a great anger from its customers.

A simple question: What caused this decision by Costco?

Costco removed the hotdog from their cafe menu and added VEGAN items such as “organic” burgers and “acai fruit bowls”.

The public is angry to say the least. The Polish hotdog served by Costco’s food court is the most popular food item on the menu. Why would Costco remove the most popular food item from their menu?

Business Insider Magazine

– has this report on the decision by Costco to kill the hotdog: CLICK HERE to read

hotdog awesome

kids eating hotdogsEveryone has their favorite hotdog –


All beef dog (Hebrew National preferred) with a slice of Swiss cheese wrapped around the grilled hot dog with a little chopped onion sprinkled on top …

… placed on a steamed traditional bun sporting one pass of a small bead of good mayonnaise run across the top.

Served with something crunchy on the side – corn chips – corn tortilla chips with mild salsa on the side –

Other times some “Golden Flake” brand Sweet Heat BBQ chips … WOW !!!

hotdog types


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