1775 John Hancock Wedding Announcement – Love Takes No Pause … As All Hell Breaks Loose –

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1775 Newspapers

1775 New York Gazette John Hancock WeddingOn September the 4th of 1775, the New York Gazette newspaper carried the wedding announcement of John Hancock.

1775 John Hancock by artist John Singleton CopleyJohn Hancock was the present President of the Continental Congress in 1775 –

1775 was a year of terrible events in America – Boston was burning with turmoil.

… and delegates from the colonies were arriving for some time in Philadelphia to make some important decisions for the immediate future.

John gets married !

John Hancock decided to take time to get married as all hell was breaking loose in the colonies.

He married the lovely Miss Dorothy Quincy, daughter of Edmund Quincy Esq. of Boston.

1775 Dorothy Quincy HancockAs Boston was in flames at the moment – they were married by the Reverend Mr. Eliot in Fairfield of the Connecticut colony.

While all were happy for Mr Hancock and his new bride, he really needed to get his butt back to Philadelphia to preside over Congress …

This just all proves that life goes on no matter what the circumstances.

Meanwhile – Dr Benjamin Franklin calls for a secret meeting to explain himself to his fellow Americans.

Love takes no pause …

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