Nashville Private Detective – The Secrets of Phishing Expeditions With Modern Pirates Using Paypal Identities to Steal You Blind

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I had a good friend in my past who was a private detective in Nashville. Unfortunately, he has passed away. Yet – he led a very full and interesting life. He occasionally sought my help with photographic evidence that needed expert enhancing of details. We developed a very close friendship.

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My friend the detective took quite a trust in me as he privately told me many stories of his adventures in life. Every one could be a thrilling movie script! He spent many years as a trusted police officer in Music City back in the day before becoming an independent private detective. My trusted friend became the “go to guy” for most all the music stars for their “undercover needs”

private detective keep a secretIf I named names – it would make your blood curdle into cheese!

Before you get too excited

I am sworn to secrecy to all the volumes of those true stories he trusted me with. I can’t help it if the few close friends I choose to have find me to be a person they can trust to offload the burdens of their lives without worry.

I cannot in good conscious tell of all the dirty stardust my detective friend told me. He is in his grave now – but that does not release me from my pledge to his confidence.

Can I help it that the few chosen friends I have can rest in an expectation of implicit trust in me?

One aspect my talented detective friend taught me was how the clever criminal sociopaths lurking in the golden age of the Nashville music scene played the “confidence game”.

private detective modern phishing technologyThat was before the Internet was born. It was also before a time when everyone had a “smart phone” in their pocket.

Those same criminal games and adventurous stories that my friend shared with me has found new life in the digital age. I have used that unique knowledge given to me by my detective friend to keep past clients and close friends from falling into the modern digital deceptions.

I COULD apply all that knowledge given to me from past experiences of experts in order to warn you of the modern criminals who bombard you using modern technology. They use digital crowbars to break into your life. They gain your confidence with clever deception.

What I can reveal is the same games played throughout history by clever criminals to gain your confidence in order to steal from you. Would it make me a target of revenge of those criminals?

Should I spill the beans in an open forum?

Or … maybe I should just SHUT UP and sleep well at night like a newborn baby …

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