The Discovery of Goat Hatred Lives On …

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goat_stupid_smileThere was a particular article of mine from just a half year ago that generated quite a bit of interest and chuckles out there … Got Goat?!?

Here is another fellow who no doubt thought goats were a cute critter to have around:

(a listing found on CraigsList from a certain northern Florida Capital city I am more than just aware of and can see the “par for the course” humor)


2 Dozen Free Goats

I have 2 dozen goats I need to get rid of. I had no idea raising goats would be this hard. These little b*****ds keep eating all my wife’s flowers and climbing on our goddamn cars. Nobody told me they were such good climbers. The first person to get these d**n goats out of here can have them.

goat on a horsexxx-xxx-xxxx


I can only imagine quite well what this guy was thinking when he bought all those goats. I’m sure he and his wife had seen some beside the road and thought they were just so cute.

goat_attack_goatGoats are as close to an incarnation of a demonic plague that you will ever experience.

Baby goats are very cute – they will follow you around like they are in love with you and give you unexpected butts with it’s little head …

That cuteness lasts about a week.

There is nothing funnier than a real life example of the classic television show “Green Acres”

I learned at a very early age that goats were some sort of divine joke placed upon humanity to keep us feeling humble and not so sure of ourselves.

On a relative’s farm once regularly visited I learned many hard facts about life …

Such as goats, electric fences and when a horse wants to do exactly what it pleases to do.

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