It’s a Man’s Life in U.N.I.T.

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Yes – It’s a man’s life in U.N.I.T.

I remember one day the Brigadier said to me:

“Pick up that box and put it in that truck.”

… and …

“Remember, it’s five rounds – rapid!”

But that never worked on the Daleks …

Dr Who turns 50 this year in November.

We have been recently rediscovering the show.

I had forgotten just how charming and fun the older incarnations were. Especially the Tom Baker era of the 1970s.

The newer productions are fabulous now that technology has made the production more sensational.

Especially the David Tennant era during the first several seasons of his unique interpretation of The Doctor. And Tennant being such an amazing actor in the role to boot! Even when the scripts became a bit predictable and hollow toward the end of his reign as Dr Who – his talent pulled it through.

dr-who-tom-bakerBut there is something about the older, original shows – even with the low budget props and crazy costumes – that just seem so much better with time.


The heart and charm of the past series is no doubt attributed to the great scripts and world class acting.

It is easy to forgive the low budget props and monsters held together many times by grey duct tape when the stories and characters are so enjoyable !

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