Why is what Bono said so shocking to some?

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Bono said something shocking ?!? The lead singer of a rock band said something shocking ?!?

bono-on-free-enterpriseIsn’t that what rock stars do ? Shock ?

It is amazing that some people are shocked about what Bono said about the best way to get people who are impoverished out of it. “Capitalism” …

It’s also funny to me that the UK’s “Guardian” ran an article with a tag after the headline: Agree?

Then The Guardian ran a poll after their article where the agrees with Bono ran up to 80% and they shut down the poll.

I don’t want to wax political here – and it’s NOT politics … it’s ECONOMICS … but the term “capitalism” is a term touted by marxists in order to demonize a free market system. How it winded up as the defining word is a testament to keep repeating something and it will be adopted.

You must first identify something with a term and then stick “-ISM” behind it before something can be demonized. If you have read the “communist manifesto” from Marx, it is all in there. (Karl not Groucho)

bono-with-bucksThe FREE MARKETfree enterprise –

Letting people be free to find a way to work that pleases themselves and improve their lives. That really is the answer.

Why does it take a rock star to drive home the truth and reality of it all ???

Why is this so shocking ?

Especially in the test of time and history ?

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