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I always find it frustrating when someone from Europe – especially the UK – who flies into JFK Airport and stays in NYC for a week or so and claim they have “been to America”

NYC_streetsThey have been to New York City.

Would the British agree if I flew into Heathrow, took a taxi to Piccadilly Circus, got a hotel room and spent a couple of weeks visiting the shops, taking in a few stops along the Underground and a few plays to then say I have seen England?

Of course not. I would have visited London – and probably had a wonderful time also. But I would have no doubt missed “England” …

blue-eyeThe same would be if one would see the cover of a book and then claim to have read that book. Can a person claim to have eaten at a particular restaurant because they have smelled the cooking emanating from its door?

So you want to be able to truthfully claim you have been to America?

Kentucky_bluegrass_regionRent a car …

Drive west through the states and end up in Chicago. Drive down to Nashville. Then over to Atlanta and up to Virginia through the Appalachians and end back in NYC …

Then, you can say you have “been to America” – although you still only saw a very small slither of it.


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