Vilmos Zsigmond has Left the Planet

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Vilmos ZsigmondI have to acknowledge my favorite cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond has passed at 85 years young.

I have tried to not turn this blog into an obituary, but seeing great heroes pass demands comment. I’ve been so busy I have neglected my personal blog for two years. Time to get back to it.

CLICK HERE to see when I last commented about Vilmos Zsigmond back in 2012.

He received an Oscar for “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”, but I feel his best work was on “The Deer Hunter” and “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”. The latter was among the first to achieve special colorization which is common now, but new then and misunderstood by a lot of studio suits at the time.

It still seems ironic to me how he escaped communist invaders in his home country to come to the USA and have his first film credit on “The Sadist”. We all have to start somewhere!

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