Cowboy Joe Babcock is Alive and Well – A Legacy of the Past Nashville Music Industry

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cowboy joe babcockI am happy to report …

… that Cowboy Joe is alive and well.

One of the greatest memories I will ever have is working with Cowboy Joe Babcock. I recorded some shows at the Grand Ole Opry for him. Later – as my career took me away from music into film making … I can never forget his professionalism in producing shows that lives with me even today.

It was Cowboy Joe Babcock who personally introduced me to veteran producers such as Sheb Wooley, Sam Lovullo, Charlie McCoy and many others. I learned so much in the art of producing shows and entertainment products from them.

cowboy joe babcock Nashville Edition

Cowboy Joe wrote hit songs for so many stars including Elvis Presley. He also sang with Marty Robbins before creating his singing group “The Nashville Edition” which was a mainstay of session work in Nashville for decades in the studio on countless hit songs.

Cowboy Joe’s family hosted a baby shower for my wife in their home for our first and only baby born. Cowboy Joe later played wiffle ball with my daughter in our back yard when she was three years old. Cowboy Joe is such a man of strength in faith as well as family love.

Cowboy Joe Babcock is a man of great humor and talent. I believe his greatest achievement is creating “The Nashville Addition” who sang backup on every hit song produced in Nashville during the 1960s through the 1980s. Also appearing and singing on the hit television show “Hee Haw”

cowboy joe babcock hee hawCowboy Joe Babcock is a real hero of mine.

Also – there was a great controversy in music history that happened that I have been privileged to know – but I will never reveal out of deep respect for him. He confided this with me.

It was a happening of the hidden history of the great music legacy concerning Jim Croce and the brilliant music producer Sheb Wooley. Something that happened at a session in Nashville at the famed RCA “Studio B”. That’s all I will say on that subject. All that should be known is that Joe stuck to his guns to be honorable. It is a legacy of honesty for those most close to him to know.

Cowboy Joe also refused a million dollar offer to write and sing an ad for a famous beer company because he did not believe in drinking. He did write and sing for countless ad campaigns and TV advertisements over the years.

cowboy joe babcock posterI attended Sheb Wooley’s funeral as well as the June Carter Cash (wife of Johnny Cash) funeral memorial with Cowboy Joe. Something of a great moment of reverence. There is a great reverence all should have to those who built the music industry in Nashville.

Cowboy Joe made sure to introduce me to many important movers and shakers in the Nashville music industry. Important music producers who you would not recognize their names – as well as entertainers who you would recognize … Porter Wagoner – Jack Greene – Connie Smith – The Hager Brothers – Sonny James – The Fox Brothers – Charlie Pride – and on and on and on …

Cowboy Joe referred to me when he would introduce me as “my mad scientist” – which I appreciated. Although I had other aspirations being based in Nashville away from the music industry (mainly in media and film) his leading me to get involved with the Nashville music scene was so very critical to my future work. But – my involvement in the music industry at the time was was sheer magical.

cowboy joe babcock album trail jazzIf only I had been born fifteen years or so sooner. Maybe my purpose would have been more towards the music industry in Nashville. It is a legacy so great for those like Cowboy Joe who lived and worked in the music industry here. A great time of history in music that could never be recaptured today.

I’m sure – right now – Cowboy Joe is riding his favorite horse on his 400 acre ranch just south of Nashville.

Cowboy Joe Babcock is one of the people you would never recognize. But – someone who was so instrumental in the fabric of the music industry in Nashville. You heard him sing on your favorite hit songs … you saw him every week on television.

Cowboy Joe is happy to be such a part of music history – but also happy to be in the shadows.

Nevertheless – Cowboy Joe has enjoyed a long life of success.

Cowboy Joe featured on the classic television show HEE HAW with the COWBOY QUARTET:

A humorous video of Cowboy Joe in his daily life today on his ranch –

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