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USS Bergall reunion 2017 banquet room

I was honored to be to be invited to be the keynote speaker to address the veterans of the USS Bergall American Nuclear Submarine reunion group in Nashville at their September 2017 reunion.

Tony Rollo keynote speaker USS Bergall reunion speechListen to my speech to these amazing American Veterans of the USS Bergall:

The 2017 USS Bergall submarine veteran reunion in Nashville was a fun time to reunite and enjoy Nashville for music, great sights and the great southern foods that Nashville has to offer.


The Following information of the history of the USS Bergall is Courtesy Wikipedia –

The contract to build Bergall was awarded to General Dynamics Electric Boat on 9 March 1965 and her keel was laid down on 16 April 1966.

The American fast attack submarine USS Bergall was launched on 17 February 1968, sponsored by Mrs. Ray C. Needham, and commissioned on 13 June 1969 with Commander Billy F. Tally in command.

USS Bergall SSN 667 Nuclear Submarine

Ship’s Motto: “Invisible, Invulnerable, Invincible”

BERGALL is the second submarine to bear the name. The first was built by Electric Boat in 1944. During World War II, SS 320 made five war patrols and sank or damaged over 100,000 tons of enemy shipping. This is the reason for there being five stars on the SSN 667 Ship’s Crest.

USS Bergall Jim Sandman USS Bergall nuclear submarineThe USS Bergall (SSN 667) was a STURGEON Class, especially designed as an anti-submarine weapon.

The USS Bergall’s keel was laid on 4 April 1966 and she was launched 17 February 1968.

After completion of her sea trials she was commissioned on 13 June 1969.

She became the 84th nuclear submarine to enter the Fleet and the 43rd attack type.

Her assignment upon commissioning was to Submarine Development Group Two in Groton, Connecticut. This assignment was to fully test the Navy’s newest all-purpose sonar, the AN/BQS-13.

In 1970 Bergall became the first submarine to undergo the MK-48 torpedo conversion and in 1971 she was the first ship to carry the MK-48 torpedo in its operational warshot configuration.

The AN/BQQ-5 digital sonar system was temporarily installed for test and evaluation in 1972.

Bergall was awarded her first Navy Unit Commendation that year for her performance in the testing of the sonar systems and outstanding MK-48 torpedo proficiency.

The USS BERGALL has earned the Navy Unit Commendation (twice), Meritorious Unit Commendation (Four times), and numerous Battle Efficiency (“E”), Anti-submarine Warfare (“A”), Weapons Proficiency (“E”), Damage Control (“DC”) and Communications (“C”).

USS Bergall Timeline and points in history:

BERGALL was twice awarded the Commander, Sixth Fleet “Hook ‘Em” award during deployment to the Mediterranean in 1977 and 1982.

The USS BERGALL Appeared in two movies – “The Submarine” and “Topside Safety”.

USS BERGALL was the first east coast submarine to carry a Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV).

USS BERGALL completed 14 deployments and various exercises and operations vital to the national security of the United States.

1983 – Deployed on North Atlantic Patrol for 3 months.

1983 – Upon return to Norfolk, VA, SUBRON 6, she immediately resupplied then got underway for a second North Atlantic Patrol taking the billet left vacant by another sub, unable to leave the pier due to engineering difficulties.

Summer 1984 Compliment of ships divers is made ready with qualification of crew members Matthew Cronley MM1SSDV, Curt Escher RM2SSDV and David Finch ET2SSDV.

October 1984 CDR Steven V. Mladineo turns over command to CDR Stephen Gibbs.

USS Bergall reunion Nashville BBQ foodJanuary 1985 – Deployed for the North Atlantic then after refit at Holy Loch, Scotland sailed for the Mediterranean where she performed several patrols in support of 6th fleet operations.

April 1985 – Refit Sardinia, Italy then returned to operations in support of the 6th fleet.

June 1985 – USS Bergall returned home to SUBRON 6 Norfolk, VA after 6 months away.

She was inactivated on August 4, 1995 and decommissioned 06/06/1996. She served with pride. 2016 is the 20th anniversary of decommissioning.


The food in Nashville – Nashville Hot Chicken – Southern Fried Pickles – and especially the Nashville BBQ is quite amazing … Enjoyed to the fullest by the US Submariners reunion group of the USS Bergall.

Nashville USS Bergall reunion 2017

The Nashville Night Life is especially unique …

USS Bergall reunion Nashville music scene

The music scene in Nashville is unique to all America

USS Bergall reunion 2017 hotel Nashville Music Valley

The Hotel in Music Valley was the perfect location for the USS Bergall reunion

USS Bergall reunion Nashville riverboat entertainment

USS Bergall 2017 reunion Nashville fun

Yall come back – ya hear? Submariners are always welcome in Nashville !!!

Tony Rollo USS Bergall challenge coinAfter my speech, I was so very surprised to be given a USS Bergall challenge coin. This was an honor that I could never put into words.

I met so many great people that evening. So many characters and honorable people that are threads in the fabric that makes the United States so very unique in the world we live on.

The USS Bergall was a great boat because it had such strong and wonderful men who served her to make it among the best in our Navy. Her legacy will always live on in our great American history.

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  1. Jim Sandman says:

    Tony, we greatly enjoyed you as our guest speaker, and also getting to know your family who was there with you… as producer of the excellent documentary “Submariners – the Men of the Silent Service”, you and your family are always welcome in our tight knit community !

    • Tony Rollo says:

      Thanks so very much Jim for commenting so quickly…

      I appreciate your introduction to my speech that night. You were asked to introduce me at the last minute and you so honored me as you spoke from your heart. I will always count you among my true friends. You have such a wonderful wife and family.

      The memories of that evening will stay with me forever!

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